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Intra Lighting

Contemporary lifestyle, which links our predominantly indoor living arrangements with increased mobility, distinct team-work and an ongoing flow between private and business spheres, represents a big challenge for lighting designers. The need for an individual to have his or her privacy goes against the recently dominating trends of working in open offices. With personalization of various factors, including lighting, we can significantly contribute to the creation of micro-ambients that are tailored to individual’s needs and have a positive effect on their wellbeing. Therefore, our technological development goes towards adjusting the light spectrum to various age groups, as well as towards creating various scenarios that combine lighting with acoustics. Our premium quality is supported with an excellent design that gives our products the added value and an emotional note and so the power to create warm, intimate ambients even outside the residential sector.

Intra Lighting – references

Attic Sorško polje

Reconstruction and extension of the Baumit office building

Office space Bright

Koper bus station

Technology park Ptuj

Enclosing House

Elementary School of Oskar Kovačič Škofije

InnoRenew CoE, Center of excellence for research and innovation in the field of renewable materials and a healthy living environment

The Štanjel Castle- north-western part of the lower palace interior

Hotel Maestoso

Šentjakobsko Theatre renovation

Grand Koper Hotel

Sports hotel Soča

House bale bale


House C

Lepa Vida boutique winery

Apartment on Župančičeva

Apartment M8

Office A

Display Container

RCERO Ljubljana

Maribor Puppet Theatre

Intra lighting

Thalasso Spa at the Sečovlje Saltpans

Studio Sonce

Offices GS1


Biotechnical Faculty

Office Building IMPARO

Extension of the Waldorf School Ljubljana

Istrabenz Gorenje office building

Kindergarten Poljčane

Faculty of Economy library

Home for the elderly Idrija

Show flat Situla

Renovation of Nova Gorica City Centre

Restaurant – House Denk

Trieste Book Centre

Faculty of Medicine

Ipavec cultural centre in Šentjur

Congress and culture center of the Dominican Monastery Ptuj

Expano – Gateway to Pomurje

Physiotherapy Pavilion at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Children’s Department and Occupational Therapy Unit at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Demonstration and education center Knauf Insulation Experience Center

Single dwelling building, Vodnikova 5, Ljubljana

Library Vrhnika in the former leather factory

Day-care center Pedenjped, unit Pedenjcarstvo

Termalija Family Wellness

Business center Vrelec


Reconstruction and change of intendend use of Pionirski dom – Art center, Interior


House O

Entrance Pavilion, Arboretum Volčji Potok

Renovation of hotel Švicarija

Renovation on 14th floor of the office building Petrol in Ljubljana

Renovation and extension of the old Palace hotel

SIQ Headquarters

Law Office SK

Švicarija urban garden


Litija Primary School

Jože Plečnik High School – multi-purpose space and staircase

Primary School Alojzij Šuštar

Saint John Bosco church in Maribor

Annex to Biotechnical Faculty

Villa Mravljevi

Open house Vinazza

Passive house VERITAS

Hospice House

Hotel Špik

Youth Centre and Hostel Ajdovščina

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Woop! Karting