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Open House Slovenia 2024

12. - 14. 4. 2024

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Architecture of New Opportunities

The OHS festival this year is titled “Architecture of New Opportunities,” highlighting the issue of inclusivity of all people and interest groups in the built and designed spaces. It addresses questions of equal opportunities and new possibilities for living, working, education, living, and development of the entire society, all living beings, and nature with the aim of seeking answers about coexistence that good architecture can enable, promote, and protect.

These issues represent the most crucial challenges that cannot be resolved solely through architectural ideas without supportive socio-economic and social policies. Yet, architecture is the medium that, through its physical existence, can offer opportunities or even empower people. By highlighting the theme of inclusion and accessibility, festival spaces become bearers of an experience that inspires participants to become advocates for a more just and inclusive society.

In the festival program, various thematic projects will be highlighted, promoting accessibility and enabling community development. The festival will also feature thematic tours and workshops targeting different audience groups.

By supporting the principles of equal opportunities, the Open House Slovenia festival becomes not only a celebration of architectural creativity and heritage preservation but also fosters thinking and dialogue about our collective commitment to justice, freedom, and solidarity.

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