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Apartment on Župančičeva

A small two bedroom apartment with a balcony in a secessionist building in Ljubljana with a triple orientation (north, east and south) faces the inner courtyard. It is designed as a space within a space or a cube within a cube with an open floor plan. The only separate space is the bathroom. Storage facilities are consistently arranged along the communication path.

Project information

Year of completion:
52 m2


Main architect / Office:
Maechtig Vrhunc arhitekti
Tomaž Maechtig, Maechtig Vrhunc arhitekti
Matevž Paternoster
Check out the expert:
M Sora
Check out the expert:
Intra Lighting
Other contractors and suppliers:

Gradnje Moste d.o.o., Montaža Škerjanec d.o.o. (Construction work)

KLIMATERM PROJEKT d.o.o. (Mechanical installations)

ProElekt d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

M&A d.o.o., Ta-Tech, Tadej Žnidaršič s.p. (Installation contractor)

M Sora d.d. (Windows, doors)

Na hribu d.o.o. (Flooring)

Ključavničarstvo Herman Paliska s.p., Kubus – interier d.o.o., Mizarstvo Hrovat Robi s.p. (Furnishings)

Intra Lighting d.o.o. (Lighting)

Mizarstvo Hrovat Robi s.p. (Kitchen)

Maechtig Vrhunc arhitekti – references



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Residential projects