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Villa on Ulica talcev

In accordance with the original design, this Secession villa had a high-quality street and side facades, whereas its garden facade and the relationship between the villa and its garden was somewhat neglected. The present owner bought the villa in a bad condition.  The new refurbishment reinstates the villa’s address towards the street, whereas its garden facade was redesigned to allow the interior spaces to have contact with the garden. At the same time the relatively small spaces of the interior were redesigned. Basement and the slightly raised attic spaces were included in the living areas of the house. The basement floor was extended under the new veranda element, to enjoy the garden as much as possible. The small garden was enlarged by deepening and connecting it to the interior.



Project information

Year of completion:
369,2 m²


Main architect / Office:
ATELIERarhitekti, Jurij Kobe
Other participants:

Urša Podlipnik

Špela Kokalj

Rok Žnidaršič

ATELIERarhitekti – references



Residential projects

Residential projects