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A Two Teachers’ House

The house is designed as a home for two, but it can easily accommodate the clients’ son (a pilot) as well. The heart of the house is the two-storey living area with a mighty fireplace, a kitchenette and a dining area. The narrow tract on the north side has the function of a utility. The master bedroom on the first floor is accessible through the open gallery that also serves as a home office. The interior is complemented by an exterior wooden terrace.

House is located in Kamnik.

Project information

Year of completion:
127 m2
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Check out the expert:
Biro Gašperič
Main contractor:
Ekoart hiše d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Ilgrad d.o.o. (Construction work)

Ekoart hiše d.o.o. (Construction)

Ekoart hiše d.o.o. (Facades and insulation)

Načrtovanje svetlobe A2HKR – Ajda Kenda, Andreja Horvat Rusjakov (Lighting design)

Tomaž Kalan (Mechanical installations)

Jakob Lovšin (Electrical installations)

Punkt d.o.o. (Construction engineering)

Okna Petrovčič d.o.o. (Windows, doors)

Mizarstvo Bergant Franc s.p. (Furnishings)

Mizarstvo Bergant Franc s.p. (Kitchen)

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