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A House for a Resourceful Family

»Okay!« They – the clients – proved to be as uncomplicated as they promised when we first met. But that didn’t stop us – and them – to go over every detail. Quick decisions culminated in straightforward and constructive design, as well as construction, process. The house is gently laid out onto the grassy slope at the edge of a forest, with only the master bedroom area protruding out into the air, to ensure intimacy and the feeling of security. Two main volumes of the house do not coincide with the functional programme of the building. The whole mid part is dedicated to central living space while the ends are used for kids’ rooms and master bedroom quarters respectively. Open southern terrace that quickly detaches from the ground and levitates above the slope is covered with a removable sail that allows winter sun to reach deep into the house. Northern terrace, on the other hand, is cut into the hill and covered with glass, to provide a handy retreat from the hot sun in the summer as well as provide means of outdoor cooking during the rainy weather. Down at the road, the house volume is complemented with an in-the-ground concrete shell that, beside the car port, also smartly integrates sports equipment and a tool shed.

The project is located near Kamnik.

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Project information

Year of completion:
162 m2


Main architect / Office:
Biro Gašperič, Matej Gašperič
Biro Gašperič, Matej Gašperič, Petra Jakulin Vavpotič
Biro Gašperič, Matej Gašperič, Zala Avguštin
Landscape architecture:
Krajinska arhitektura, Sara Peternel s.p.
Miran Kambič
Other participants:

Gašper Ziherl, Punkt d.o.o. (construction engineering)

Jakob Lovšin, Biro Lovšin d.o.o. (electrical installations)

Tomaž Kalan, Kalkem d.o.o. (mechanical installations)

Check out the expert:
Biro Gašperič
Main contractor:
Miha Bogataj, Ekoart hiše d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Žurbi Team (prefabricated concrete elements)

Biro Gašperič – references

Matej Gašperič – references

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