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An innovative and development-oriented company from Slovenia, iQwood produces eco-friendly walls and ceilings made of solid alpine wood with no adhesives, chemicals or metals used in the process. The walls and ceilings consist of cross-stacked wooden boards, which are firmly and permanently joined together with solid wood dowels. We utilised knowledge of our forefathers and enhanced it with the CNC technology. We combine the expertise of professionals in the fields of eco-friendly construction, civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering and computer technology. This way, we managed to develop the most well-thought-out wooden house on the market in terms of statics, architectural design and costs. iQwood structures are completely natural. They are made of gently dried alpine wood, which is extremely stable and resistant to pests. Our FSC certification is proof that all of our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Our production does not contribute to any CO2 emissions; what is more, they are reduced by low energy consumption in heating and cooling. iQwood elements are also completely recyclable. iQwood allows for column-free spans up to 12 metres wide and open designs with large glass surfaces. The walls do not have to be tens of centimetres thick; the wood permits the construction of load-bearing walls with a thickness of only nine centimetres. Architects and designers enjoy complete freedom with iQwood – as well as a full, detailed-oriented support throughout the design phase. The construction is as simple and fast as if putting together the Lego bricks. In just a few days, you can assemble a house that is completely safe from any outside elements.