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VELUX Slovenija

For over 80 years, the VELUX Group has been creating better living environments for people around the world, while we have been successfully operating in Slovenia for over 25 years. With our skylights, we take advantage of daylight and create healthier conditions for living, working, learning, playing and relaxing. We offer skylights for sloping and flat roofs, skylights, decorative blinds, anti-overheating products, roller blinds and products for automatic air quality control in your home.

We have always strived to develop products that benefit society, so it is extremely important that our skylights and the overall sustainability of our products are at the heart of our sustainability strategy. Almost all of the wood we use to make VELUX roof windows in Europe comes from certified sustainable forests. This ensures that the extraction of wood for our production does not have negative consequences for the environment and forest biodiversity. We are also committed to neutralising our past carbon footprint and working with WWF to become a sustainable carbon-neutral company using plastic-free and 100% recyclable packaging material.

In our own showroom in Trzin, Slovenia, you can choose the right solutions for your home with the help of experienced professionals. If you already have an idea for a renovation, you can upgrade it with the advice of architects. We are part of the international VELUX Group with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 40 countries and more than 11,500 employees worldwide.

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