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Ferantov Garden Residential Complex

Between 1966 and 1975, Edvard Ravnikar designed the Ferantov Garden Residential complex on the site of the former Roman Forum Emone in the center of Ljubljana. A group of residential blocks with public programs on the ground floor and deep, bilaterally oriented apartments forms an open square at the corners, which is contextually attached to the existing buildings along Rimska cesta. The characteristic facade with emphasized structural elements and clinker fillings creates a varied composition. The specific material language of the neighborhood and the design of the volumes respond to the historical layers of the city.

About the design of the neighborhood, the architect Ravnikar writes in the technical report of the building plan (ZAL, IZTR fund, undated, p. 2): “The urban design is consistent with its intended purpose (a residential quarter of the highest standard on the edge of the narrowest city center), lively, equipped with greenery modeled trees groups that rely on existing trees as their core. This large pedestrian area is lively due to the concentration of shops, guesthouses and services, which are not only intended for this residential zone, but also for the wide hinterland.”

a2o2 architects will take us on an architectural walk through Ferantov Garden complex. First, we will visit the id:doma showroom and walk around the neighborhood, observing its design, materiality and details.

We will finish the tour on the ground floor of block B, where the renovation is underway for the purposes of the new office space of a2o2 architects. The space has been heavily remodeled several times since its construction. Many spontaneously added layers covered the original substance. With the help of the directions of the conservator in charge, the renovation was planned as a minimally invasive intervention that would highlight the existing preserved elements as much as possible. Plasterboard cladding, suspended secondary ceiling and partitions were removed. The unified paving and bright fittings of natural materials emphasize the existing structures and details. The new glazing takes into account the original details and paraphrases them in a modern, technically appropriate version. The renovation, which takes into account conservation guidelines, is a study approach that could be continued on the entire ground floor of block B.

Renovation of the office space is underway, so on tour you will be able to see a somewhat unusual interior that reveals normally hidden layers. The tour was part of the Open House Festival 2023 and OHS minifest: Ljubljana.




Project information

Location of the project:
Ferantov vrt, Ljubljana
Year of completion:
1966-75, 2023

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