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Semi-detached house Barje

These twin homes are built on a distinctly elongated plot, which conditioned the shape of the house and the sequential placement of both mirror image units. The building stands on bog soil on 18-metre concrete piles. The structure is made of reinforced concrete and brick, plastered on the ground floor and covered with a wooden facade on the upper floor. The roof is flat. The building consists of several offset cubes which form intermediate atrium spaces and smaller terraces above the ground floor. In the mezzanine, above the central part of the floor plan, where there is a multi-purpose corridor, there is a raised part that enables zenithal lightning.

Twin homes are located in Ljubljana.

This year it will be possible to take a look at both units.

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 13


Number of places available: 6

Project information

Year of completion:
455 m2


Check out the expert:
Main contractor:
Other contractors and suppliers:

Eurotes d.o.o. (Facades and insulation)

Gregor S. Tavčar s.p. (Mechanical installations)

Elis d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

Costa d.o.o. (Construction engineering)

Mizarstvo Košak d.o.o. (Windows, doors)

Blink Blink d.o.o. (Shades)

Gradacta d.o.o., Alpod d.o.o., Interrier d.o.o. (Flooring)

Mizarstvo Trunkelj, Marko Trunkelj s.p. (Furnishings)

Arcadia d.o.o. (Lighting)

GGT Gašper Golob s.p. (Fences)

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