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Goat story & Equa Office

The industrial building, a former print shop, is now occupied by a company innovating the coffee experience and creating new dimensions of hydration. The renovation of the business premises includes the ground floor with a warehouse, the first floor with offices, and the attic with communal spaces and a terrace.

The office building has been refurbished and freed of all partitions. The installations are designed in a way that allows for full flexibility of workplaces. The office perimeter, with elongated window surfaces, is reserved for workstations, while places that need more intimacy are placed in the middle. The volumes in the middle strip are clad in raw materials: stone, concrete brick, wood-based panels, curved perforated sheet metal. These offer a counterweight to the uniformity of the perimeter with workstations. Greenery, standalone lights, and acoustic barriers offer flexibility and privacy to desk clusters. The intersection is a central common table where employees meet for coffee/water, exchanging knowledge and ideas. A series of angular volumes around the central space is interrupted by an organic amoeba, thus interpreting the industrial character of Goat and the more feminine principle of Equa.

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 10

Project information

Year of completion:
2000 m2
Equa d.o.o.


Main architect / Office:
BAAM arhitekti
Andrej Zonta, Blaž Jamšek, Matej Peneš, Petra Hertl, Daša Dimitrovski, Jan Pintar, Gregor Ferenčak, Klara Prošek
Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti
Other participants:

PROJEKT d.d. (construction engineering)

ENERING INT d.o.o. (electrical installations)

I.S.P. d.o.o. (mechanical installations)

Simon Brlek s.p. (phpp)

Lapos d.o.o. (original author)

Main contractor:
URAL d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

SP INTERIERI d.o.o. (Furnishings)

Matjaž Levičnik s.p. (Flooring)

BAAM arhitekti – references

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