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Bookshop – café MAKS

Bookshop – café MAKS is located on the ground floor of a one-storey modernist building – one of three communal buildings on Delpinova Street in Nova Gorica, designed in 1957 by the architect Teodor Lojk (1913–2006). The renovation is based on the revalorisation of the original building, revealing the original wall elements made of recycled bricks and the structure of concrete columns. Roughly finished walls are softened by thoughtfully selected interior pieces, the basic compositional element of which are metal shelves that connect the bookshop and the café part of the room. Among the elements that give the room a touch of café glamour, it is worth highlighting the refined peripheral texture of the restaurant bar and discreet lighting.

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Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 25


Number of places available: 30

Project information

Location of the project:
Delpinova ulica 10, Nova Gorica
Year of completion:
266 m2


Main architect / Office:
Adrijan Cingerle, Matjaž Luin, Eva Sušnik
Jerneja Kraigher
Other participants:

Adrijan Cingerle (landscape design)

Matjaž Luin (landscape design)

Eva Sušnik (landscape design)

Aleksander Pegan (construction engineering)

Dušan Remic (construction engineering)

David Furlan (electrical installations)

Blaž Krašček (mechanical installations)

Check out the expert:
Other contractors and suppliers:

VALE AS d.o.o. (Construction work)

Rojal stavbno pohištvo d.o.o. (Windows, doors)

Polončič d.o.o. (Windows, doors)

Elektro Damjan Škarabot, s.p. (Electrical installations)

Instalacije Furlan (Mechanical installations)

Atlas oprema d.o.o. (Furnishings)

Polončič d.o.o. (Steel construction, book shelves and black "FerroNero" countertop )

Kaza sistemi d.o.o. (Catering equipment)

Kauch d.o.o. (Upholstered Furniture)

Škerjanc d.o.o. (Furnishings)

Za design d.o.o. (Furnishings)

VALE AS d.o.o. (Landscape design)

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