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Kreadom tours by car in Nova Gorica region

The architectural bureau Kreadom will present its open space interventions.

The meeting point will be at the memorial on Prevala with stunning views of the entire Goriška Plain with the Solkan bridge and Sabotin mountain in the foreground. The memorial is dedicated to Hungarian soldiers killed on the Isonzo front.
We will visit the spatial installation ‘Park of rest and reflection’ , which was created on the centenary of the Isonzo battles and the 160th anniversary of the birth of General Boroević.
From here, the tour continues in the village of Ravnica with its renovated water source ” On the Water “. This is the continuation of the European project of reviving wells and ponds (Living Fountains) as important monuments of ethnological cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of local sources of drinking water in the urban environment.
Visitors should arrange their own transportation to and between locations.

Project information

Location of the project:
Nova Gorica


Main architect / Office:
Landscape architecture:
Kreadom, Adrijan Cingerle

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