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Black and white flexible apartment for a couple with guests

Renovation and conversion of a ground-floor apartment with a garden in an anonymous 1970s semi-detached house in Ljubljana’s Kolezija district

A small-square-foot apartment with multiple needs reflects the flexibility of time-sequenced or simultaneous activities. The clients like to host friends both for short-term stays (dinners, parties, lectures, movies) and for longer overnight stays. Thus, in addition to a central bed that folds into a wardrobe when needed, the relatively small apartment allows three individuals to sleep comfortably by putting together parts of the sofas. The flexibility is made possible by the comprehensively designed renovation of the apartment, with custom-made essential pieces of furniture. Spatial manoeuvre is also gained by combining the former living room and bedroom, by moving the kitchen from a separate room to a combined utilitarian corridor and by organising a guest room in the former kitchen. The colour of the apartment also provides a rather neutral basis for living activities. Therefore, only the two most basic colours have been chosen: white (and its variations) as the predominant colour and black for contrasting accents. All other colours are brought in by the users and visitors of the dwelling.

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 1


Number of places available: 4

Project information

Year of completion:
1972, renovation 2022
Aleksander in Aleksandra Vujović


Main architect / Office:
SUPA, Studio za urbano projektiranje in analizo
SUPA, Studio za urbano projektiranje in analizo, Aleksander Vujović, Manca Košir, Jan Kozinc, Deja Vrbnjak
Marijo Zupanov
Other participants:

Matic Gselman (svetovalec pri izdelavi kovinskih elementov)



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