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Re-design of the promenade in the Postojna Cave Park

The concept of the promenade arrangement is inspired by the flow of water. Its design geometry forms the surface of the park and creates karst caves. The space is, therefore, fluid, creating meanders and gently changing directions. The wavy line creates space for expansion or a new platform, retreats to the building, creates a staircase or a ramp, and blends softly with its surroundings. The overall design also pays attention to physically handicapped, blind and partially sighted users, so it builds on textures, visual contrasts, smells, and accentuated sounds.

Project information

Location of the project:
Jamska cesta 28, Postojna
Year of completion:
6000 m2
Architecture, BigSEE Architecture Award 2022 – Winner, Public and commercial architecture, Slovenia
Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor, Republika Slovenija
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Main architect / Office:
3b arhitekti d.o.o.
Damjan Hidič, Leon Belušič, Jaša Belušič
3b arhitekti d.o.o.
Viktor Žigon, Žiga Intihar, office archive
Check out the expert:
Main contractor:
CBE inženiring d.o.o., GP Krk d.d.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Gaber d.o.o. (Construction)

Viljem Pušnik (Mechanical installations)

IB program d.o.o. (Construction engineering)

STRLESVETILA d.o.o. (Lighting)

Marmor Sežana d.d. (Masonry)

ProPepa d.o.o. (Landscape design)

K-Haus d.o.o. (Fences)

Gaber d.o.o. (Technological plans)

3b arhitekti d.o.o. – references

Open space

Tourist facilities