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OHS minifest: Ljubljana

After the successful festival event in April 2023, we organized the first OHS Minifest, which took place from September 29th to October 1st in Ljubljana. Some of the most popular public venues from the recent OHS festival once again opened their doors. The OHS Minifest provided a unique opportunity for visitors to freely explore notable architectural projects in Ljubljana, where spaces were quickly filled in the past.

Center Rog, photo: Špela Koščak

The program of the three-day architectural minifest was created with the aim of raising awareness among local residents and the wider public about the importance of well-designed spaces for quality living. It also aimed to provide greater accessibility and opportunities for visiting quality architecture throughout the year.

Cankarjev dom, photo: Špela Koščak

Open House Slovenia has been part of the Open House Europe project since February 2023, connecting 11 European cities and Slovenia. The project aims to encourage a more inclusive discourse on architecture as a shared European identity and empower citizens to advocate for well-designed built environments. The first year of collaboration is marked by the theme “Building Futures Together”, highlighting sustainable aspects with an emphasis on revitalisation, quality renovations, and new programs within the existing building stock.

Cankarjev dom, photo: Špela Koščak

The essence of the OHS Minifest has thus remained a personal experience of quality architecture. In order to advocate for good design and architecture, people must first experience them. According to recent research, over 75 percent of visitors responded that attending Open House events changed their perspective and perception of the city and architecture. Open House events encourage visitors to take pride in the quality architecture in their city and actively engage in local planning and design processes.

Kazina Palace, photo: Špela Koščak

During the OHS Minifest, visitors, guided by architects, users, and other experts, had the opportunity to revisit renovated structures such as the Kazina Palace, the Muslim Cultural Center, which has been captivating the festival audience for several years, and the Rog Center, a creative hub that opened its doors in a renovated form. We also organized a tour of the award-winning School Library of Vič Elementary School, recipient of the Plečnik Award.

Ferantov Garden Residential complex, photo: Špela Koščak

As part of the Ravnikar Year, visitors had the opportunity to explore the halls and backstage of Cankarjev dom, visit Republic Square, enter the TR3 tower, and participate in a guided tour of Ferantov Garden Residential complex.

Partners of the Open Houses Slovenia Festival 2023

Open House Slovenia is part of the international cooperation project Open House Europe, co-financed by the European Union, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Public Administration.