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Water Tower Brežice

The water tower, a symbol of Brežice, was built in 1914 for the needs of the city water supply. This 46-meter tower is the only water tower in Slovenia fully accessible to visitors and testifies to an innovative method of water supply in flat areas at the beginning of the 20th century. Renovation has been carried out, transforming it into a viewpoint and a venue for the presentation of cultural and technical heritage. The building is a listed monument. Static reinforcement, restoration of individual parts, reconstruction, installation of an internal elevator, and new exterior landscaping have been undertaken. In 2023, the Slovenian Conservation Society awarded the Stele Award to the Municipality of Brežice for the revitalization and popularization of the cultural monument. Adjacent to the water tower, on the southern neighbouring plot, a visitor centre has been arranged, serving new tower-related activities (a café with an information point for ticket sales, a souvenir shop, including visitor restrooms and employee facilities). The building is part of the existing protective city wall, and therefore during the reconstruction, the entire eastern wall and the outline of the existing residential house were preserved.

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Project information

Location of the project:
Ulica stare pravde 30, Brežice
Year of completion:
477,1 m2
Municipality Brežice


Main architect / Office:
NAINO arhitekturni biro
NAINO arhitekturni biro, Grega Bizjak, Tadeja Šepec Bizjak
NAINO arhitekturni biro, Grega Bizjak, Tadeja Šepec Bizjak
Landscape architecture:
Mitja Škrjanec
Katarina Kovačič
Other participants:

Črt Breskvar (architecture)

Nika Šubic - MK3 d.o.o. (acoustics)

Mojca Veršek Rems (lead conservator, IPCHS)

Gašper Rus (civil engineering)

Anton Ereš (electrical engineering)

Drago Bohorč (mechanical engineering)

Andrej Fojkar (fire safety)

Check out the expert:
NAINO arhitekturni biro
Main contractor:
SL Inženiring Boršt d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Janez Kvartuh (lead supervisor)

NAINO arhitekturni biro – references

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