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NAINO arhitekturni biro

Creativity can hardly be limited. When it is given wings, ideas circulate freely between  architecture and design, that is the reason why we are never limited to one field of work only.

NAINO d.o.o. was founded in 2005 and has been engaged  in architectural and graphic design.  It was established out of the need to create buildings and ambients  of different shapes and graphics, tailor made to customers’ desires and needs. Our creativity develops during the dialogue with the customers, we are primarily in the role of a guide to fulfil their wishes and needs.

Each project is a unique process  that eventually results in a quality product which satisfies all the participants and contributes to the common good.

Members of NAINO d.o.o. Team are Grega Bizjak and Tadeja Šepec Bizjak.

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