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PEN KLUB Restaurant

The newly renovated restaurant located in Ljubljana consists of four rooms. The red hallway bears the colour of the former dining room, where the old creaking parquet reveals part of the story of the building. The white room with wall paintings by the artist Matej Stupica depicts scenes from the history of the house. The mustard yellow bar opens onto a veranda with a view, while the blue lounge is named after the restored ceiling fresco. The main element in the lounge is a unique ceiling light that adapts to the fresco and was designed by architect Andrej Mercina.

Project information

Location of the project:
Tomšičeva ulica 12, Ljubljana
Year of completion:
200 m2
Kaval Group


Main architect / Office:
Triiije arhitekti
Triiije arhitekti, Andrej Mercina, Jan Opeka
Mare Mutič
Other contractors and suppliers:

Elitplan d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

IXA d.o.o. (Technological plans)

ZVKDS, OE Ljubljana (Cooperating Institutions)

Triiije arhitekti – references

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