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Holiday House Šumica

Cottage Šumica in Planica was built around 1937 by engineer Branislav Kojić as a holiday summer house for Dr. D. Đurić. It stands in an idyllic spruce forest, away from the noise of the ski jumps with a view of the magnificent mountain ridge, which stretches from Mojstrovke through Travnik and Šite towards Jalovška Škrbina. Due to changing purpose and needs, the house has been redesigned several times, most recently being used as a three-apartment house. Today, it is a family holiday home that allows a comfortable stay for a family of four. The renovation was technically demanding due to the preservation of a quality solid stone facade on the ground floor. We strived for the least possible interference in the exterior, so only the wooden facade cladding above the ground floor and the roofing are completely new. A closed wooden entrance has been added on the north side, and a larch terrace with a hot bath on the south side. Excess walls between the kitchen and the dining room have been removed, thus creating a larger living space that opens into an idyllic exterior. Wooden windows in the bedrooms on the upper floors frame the views of the surrounding high mountains above the spruce tops. Inside, ecologically oriented technical solutions provide the expected comfort of a modern stay. The interior design is a balance between the simplicity of a mountain hut and the restrained luxury for a city client, and throughout, with an abundance of wood and an old farmhouse stove, it maintains a sufficient degree of cosiness for relaxation and well-being.

The project is located near Rateče in Gorenjska region.

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 9


Number of places available: 8

Project information

Year of completion:
153 m2


Main architect / Office:
Arhiteka d.o.o.
Jože Jaki
Jože Jaki, Neža Jaki
Landscape architecture:
Davorin Gazvoda
Janez Marolt
Other contractors and suppliers:

Rudolf Ozimek (Carpentry)

Arhiteka d.o.o. – references



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