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Faculty FERI

FERI – The Faculty of  Electrycal Engineering and Computer Science building occupies a full street block, connecting itself with the existing buildings. The entrance faces south, away from the established routes. The central lobby penetrates the whole building all the way to the top and it’s illuminated through the glass roof. The building is functionally divided into three complexes: large lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories and the office building.


Project information

Year of completion:
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Main architect / Office:
David Mišič, Ljubo Mišič
Check out the expert:
Swisspearl Slovenija
Other contractors and suppliers:

SWISSPEARL Slovenija d.o.o. (Facades and insulation)

Murexin d.o.o. (Building materials)

David Mišič – references

Ljubo Mišič – references

Educational and recreational facilities

Educational and recreational facilities