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The Štorta path

The footpaths between the Piran gardens are traditional paths that lead from the town center to the green hill with cultivated gardens and olive groves that surround Piran like a green belt. Footpaths are part of the cultural landscape and provide breathing space to the town. A preserved and maintained network of public footpaths provides access and connects the space. By repairing these paths, informal workshops focus on preserving the paths for future generations.

More information about the Štorta footpath is available at PIRAN MANUAL and PIRAN ZINE.

Project information

Location of the project:
Matteotijeva in Oljčna pešpot med piranskimi vrtovi in oljčniki
Year of completion:
Obalne galerije Piran


Main architect / Office:
Marjetica Potrč, Romana Kačič
Landscape architecture:
Abakkum, Zavod za krajino, kulturo in umetnost Piran
Polonca Lovšin, Boštjan Bugarič
Other participants:

Boštjan Bugarič

Polonca Lovšin

Main contractor:
Zavod Suhi zid
Other contractors and suppliers:

Obalne galerije Piran, Krajevna skupnost Piran, Univerza na Primorskem – Pedagoška fakulteta – program Vizualne umetnosti in oblikovanje, Občina Piran, Javno podjetje Okolje Piran (Cooperating Institutions)

Open space

Open space