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Square of August 28, Sežana

Square of August 28 dominates the entrance to the town and is a bearer of historical memory. The leading motive in designing the new square was the realization of the idea of stratification of time. First, there was a wetland called Fontalon; during the construction of the southern railway, a large stone cistern was built; in the 1960s a bus station was added, and in the 1980s a municipal building, designed by the Kras group. The stone frame originates in the karst wall. The amorphous perimeter of the granite cube follows the perimeter of the former wetland, while the stone pavement with green joints serves as a fountain cover. The grass carpet symbolizes the desire of the town to live by the verses of the poet Srečko Kosovel, in harmony with both history and future. The square offers a chance to promote the creativity of the town of Sežana with the installation of urban sculptures, designed by the Stone Carving School and the company Marmor Sežana.

Project information

Year of completion:
3.000 m2
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Main architect / Office:
D-R-A-F-T- arhitekti
Matej Mljač
Other participants:

Authors of the sculptures: Špela Šedivy

Matej Župec

D-R-A-F-T- arhitekti – references

Open space

Open space