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Art Rebel 9 office

The main functional and design element offers a certain level of privacy and works as a sound barrier but on the other hand allows good communication between different teams and creates flexible space for demonstrating and testing new technologies, as well as for employee socialising. The yellow line connecting the entrance through the staircase continues in a 50-meter long artificial lightning that binds smaller units into a whole so that the visitors can grasp the whole ground plan at the point of the entrance.

Project information

Location of the project:
Poljanska cesta 25, Ljubljana
Year of completion:
553 m2


Check out the expert:
Idea:list studio
Other contractors and suppliers:

Emada d.o.o. (Mechanical installations)

Winky d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

Leska d.o.o. (Furnishings)

Proreklam d.o.o. (Lighting)

Idea:list studio – references

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