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Idea:list studio

From the very beginning, we chose a name that clearly reflects our philosophy, and we have stayed true to it. We want to remain eternal idealists – someone who is passionate about ideals and wants to live up to them, even though they are hard to achieve at all times.

Beyond functional and aesthetic solutions we are always looking for something more. It can be that ray of sunlight that reflects off a surface and creates soft shadows on the ceiling, or a pleasant feel of the material on bare feet. These are all very important pieces of ambience that can’t be captured with a phothograph. These are associations and feelings that are intimate and personal to each user, images that come from the individual’s subconscious. Our desire and our goal is to create customised spaces that bring these pleasant feelings to the surface.

Members of Idea:list studio are Urban Pahor, m.i.a., Urša Kres, m.i.a. and Tina Begović, m.i.a.

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