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The Homestead on Goli vrh – Cmokovina

The renovated homestead is located in the heart of the Kozjansko regional park. The buildings, which, despite their modern form, reflect the building know-how of the ancestors, were created by studying traditional Kozjansko architecture. The structure is placed on the foundations of the original buildings. The homestead, which has the year of its foundation 1854 inscribed on one of the house’s interior beams, has thus been revived by rebuilding. In addition to the house, the property also contains a barn, which is also a place for cars and bicycles, a woodshed and a summer kitchen, which serves as a place for preparing food and an outdoor space for socialising.

Project information

Year of completion:
180 m2


Main architect / Office:
ARI d.o.o.
Matjaž Deu
Matjaž Deu
Matjaž Deu
Other participants:

Blaž Birk

dr. Živa Deu

Check out the expert:
M Sora
Other contractors and suppliers:

Slavko Kramar (Construction work)

Slavko Kramar (Facades and insulation)

Matjaž Deu (Lighting design)

Instalacije Juričan, Mihael Juričan s.p., Viessmann (Mechanical installations)

Božo Škrabar (Construction engineering)

Krovstvo kleparstvo Sandi Tršinar s.p. (Roofing, tinkering)

M Sora d.d. (Windows, doors)

Barbara Peterca, Brane Rožman (Shades)

Franc Resnik (Plasters, screeds)

Tadej Fuks, Slavko Kramar (Flooring)

Tadej Koritnik (Furnishings)

Formasvetila d.o.o. (Lighting)

Kamnoseštvo Arh, Zvonko Arh s.p. (Masonry)

Marko Grmšek (Fences)

Zrno d.o.o. (Building materials)

ARI d.o.o. – references

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