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TEM Čatež, 3rd phase

The new completed phase of the TEM Čatež factory is a surplus of boldness and vision of the client, who believes in the importance of design in the process of creating ideas and products. This factory, specialised in the manufacture of socket outlets, is set in a sensitive village environment, which requires a reflection on the harmony between the industrial and natural environment.

The architects continued the bold idea started by the client. The result is an impressive architecture that is not only technically sophisticated, but also expresses aesthetic appeal and respect for its surroundings. TEM Čatež sets a new standard for industrial buildings, combining functionality with sensually designed spaces that create a pleasant working environment for employees.

The latest completed phase of the TEM Čatež building reflects the belief that architecture also plays a key role in creating a factory that not only makes high quality products, but also contributes to an aesthetic and sustainable environment.

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 24

Project information

Location of the project:
Čatež 13, Velika Loka
Year of completion:
TEM Čatež d.o.o.


Main architect / Office:
Jereb in Budja arhitekti
Blaž Budja, Rok Jereb, Nina Majoranc
Blaž Budja, Rok Jereb, Nina Majoranc
Blaž Budja
Other participants:

Marko Vrabec, Emineo d.o.o. (mechanical installations)

Primož Poje, Avelis d.o.o. (electrical installations)

Stanislav Udovč s.p. (construction engineering)

Irena Judež s.p. (landscape design)

Andrej Gričar s.p. (construction supervision)

Stanko Ožbot, Lozej d.o.o. (fire safety)

Check out the expert:
TEM Čatež
Main contractor:
Alva d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Proconcrete d.o.o., Žurbi team d.o.o. (concrete structures)

Intelekta d.o.o. (steel structures)

Elcom d.o.o. (electrical installations)

Novomont d.o.o. (mechanical installations)

Hortikultura Lešnik d.o.o., Emporia d.o.o. (planting)

Trgograd d.o.o. (asphalt)

SGD Strdin d.o.o. (industrial flooring)

Bojan Grmovšek s.p. (carpentry)

Ekostil d.o.o. (supplier of pavements)

Jereb in Budja arhitekti – references

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