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Renovation of the K67 kiosk in Celje

On the occasion of the Savinja city holiday, the municipality of Celje presents the carefully renovated kiosk K67 as a gift to its citizens, with the hope that it will become a lively connector and promoter of varied events between citizens and local institutions, and an intermediary in the exchange of wishes, opinions, needs, suggestions and ideas between residents and visitors to the city from the wider environment.

Since its inception back in 1966, the kiosk has functioned as an urban landmark in the space, addressing people with its various contents and encouraging interaction. It was this one from Celje that was condemned to be destroyed in 2019, but during its removal from the Celje railway station, where it once served as the transport office of the Izletnik company, it was saved from being transported to the landfill by accidental witnesses of the event, Meta Lavrenčič and Gregor Rode. In March 2023, the rescuers generously handed it over to the Municipality of Celje for use. Its demanding and precise restoration restoration, which followed, was the result of the cooperation of the Municipality of Celje, the School Center of Celje, the High School for Service Activities and Logistics, the company Zelenica Celje and Tendence.

The renovated K67 is thus returning to its native Celje, where it will begin its new journey and mission on Krekov Square. His location, however, is not final and permanent, as at this point his journey is just beginning. Dynamically and with fresh energy, it will raise awareness in many locations and encourage residents to actively participate in co-shaping the city’s identity.

Thematic project of the festival: festival’s theme

Project information

Location of the project:
Krekov trg, Celje
Year of completion:
5 m2
Mestna občina Celje


Main architect / Office:
Saša J. Mächtig
Timotej Jevšenak
Other participants:

students of the bodywork department of the High School for Service Activities and Logistics in Celje (restoration work)

Gerhard Kladnik, ŠCC (head of operational restoration works)

Timotej Jevšenak (project manager and expert supervision of the renovation)

Martina Kunčič in Luka Plut, 1-A avtoličarstvo Plut (counseling)

Matjaž Drame in Jan Fridl, ŠCC (electrical installations)

Main contractor:
Imgrad Ljutomer
Other contractors and suppliers:

Boštjan Jančič, ŠCC (procurement of materials and spare parts)

Zelenice Celje (transport)

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