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Low-energy house Š

The house in Šujica reflects the youthful enthusiasm of its inhabitants who wanted to combine the Scandinavian approach to living culture with the technology of “mountain architecture”. The offset roof and the canopy on the west side of the building, which direct the view towards the meadows and forest edge, give an impression that this is not a residential house in the suburbs of Ljubljana, but a shelter, a large mountain bivouac in the unspoiled nature. The building is designed as a timber frame structure. The insulation is made of wood fibre. In terms of energy efficiency, it ranks in the low energy class. The consumption of heating energy according to PHPP standards amounts to 18 kWh/(m2a). The building interior is marked by visible timber structure elements with wooden panelling and a climbing wall built on five levels along the entire width of the building.


Project information

Year of completion:
242,7 m2 bruto


Main architect / Office:
Arhitektura Starc
Arhitektura Starc
Arhitektura Starc, Jasna Ariana Starc, Jernej Valenčič, Ana Šušteršič
Main contractor:
Stavbarstvo Žerjal Marko Žerjal s.p.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Stavbarstvo Žerjal, Marko Žerjal s.p. (Construction work)

Novera d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

Biro Lovšin d.o.o., Kalkem d.o.o. (Installation contractor)

PREFA Slovenija (Roofing, tinkering)

Marles PSP d.o.o., INT vrata d.o.o. (Windows, doors)

Tesarstvo Kregar s.p. (Flooring)

Tesarstvo Kregar s.p. (Furnishings)

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