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Garage Šoštanj

The Šoštanj Garage is located in the immediate vicinity of the old town center. The three-story parking facility with a capacity of 115 parking spaces addresses the parking issues in the town center, while the basement is reserved for subscribers. The structure, with dimensions of 18 x 60 metres, features a simple design with a single access road, perpendicular parking, and an entrance ramp parallel to the building. The construction system, allowing for a design without intermediate supports, consists of steel frames and reinforced concrete slabs. The building, with a ground floor partially below ground level, is subtly placed in the space to preserve the silhouette of the town and views of the prominent landmarks — the Church of St. Mohor and Fortunat and the castle. The entrance is arranged from Primorska Street, while pedestrian exits from the garage lead to a newly designed promenade.

The garage is situated on the former leather factory premises, with the Leather Museum serving as a testament to the town’s developmental history. The new exterior design creates a forecourt fitting for the museum while connecting it to the pedestrian zone through the promenade. The garage facade is composed of perforated metal panels. The undulating facade with a soft line and warm colour shade evokes the characteristics of leather. The colour and transparency change with the weather, particularly shining warmly in the evening when the facade is subtly illuminated.

Project information

Location of the project:
Primorska cesta, Šoštanj
Year of completion:
3150 m2
Municipality Šoštanj
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Main architect / Office:
EFEKT arhitektura
EFEKT arhitektura
EFEKT arhitektura
Landscape architecture:
Miran Kambič
Main contractor:
Esotech d.d.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Andrejc d.o.o (Landscaping)

Jaken storitveno podjetje d.o.o. (Steel structure and facade)

Žurbi team družba za gradbene storitve d.o.o. (Prefabricated concrete products)

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