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Center of Urban Sports Stožice

The new Urban Sports Center is located beneath the eastern stands of the Stožice football stadium. The center features two halls designed for urban sports on wheels. The northern hall, covering 600 m2, resembles a street environment with curbs and stairs, while the southern hall, covering 425 m2, features convex and concave undulating ramps for flow. Both areas are connected by a social space on the mezzanine level with panoramic views of the action. The dynamic skate landscape is constructed using drywall wooden elements, allowing for easy transformation and adjustments in the future. The surfaces of the perimeter walls are complemented by abstract artistic interventions, alluding to the iconography of the skateboarding subculture.

Thematic project of the festival: festival’s theme

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


Number of places available: 11

Project information

Location of the project:
Vojkova ulica 100, Ljubljana, (VHOD C)
Year of completion:
1.300,86 m2
Mestna Občina Ljubljana


Main architect / Office:
Klemen Ilovar
Other participants:

Ljubljanski urbanistični zavod d.d. (urban planning and traffic management)

Doms Architect, Domen Stražar (skateboarding solutions)

Nejc Prah (graphic designer of wall graphics)

Elea iC d.o.o. (construction engineering)

Jelen & Zaveršnik, Bambi d.n.o. (mechanical installations)

El-projekt d.o.o. (electrical installations)

Ekosystem, ekološki in varstveni inženiring, d.o.o. (fire safety)

Main contractor:
Dema Plus d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Modro d.o.o. (Oprema skateparka)

Sadar+Vuga – references

Educational and recreational facilities