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Wooden huts

Five small glamping units were built by the Marianum centre and Centre of folk arts in Veržej. These small, partially underground cottages were inspired by old Slavic wooden dwellings whose remains from the 6th century were found in Veržej. They were built from wood, branches, straw and reed, and used for living and storage. The five new cottages have dual pitched roofs reaching to the ground, and foundations in fair-faced concrete. There is an overhang all along the roof, so the cottages resemble floating haystacks. On the southern side, the roof ridge ends in a canopy over a fairly spacious terrace.

Project information

Location of the project:
Rokodelski center, Veržej
Year of completion:
8,6 m2 + terasa 3,8 m2
Zavod Marinum


Main architect / Office:
AIR, Mima Suhadolc

AIR – references

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