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Renovation of apartment in Mengeš

The clients wanted a relaxed and comfortable home for their years in retirement and decided to thoroughly renovate their apartment. This included the removal of all interior furnishing, floors, replacement of installations, windows, interior doors and the complete renovation of the bathroom. By breaking through the inner wall, the authors connected the kitchen and living room, where they also placed panoramic sliding doors, which bring more light to the living room and open up a view of the surrounding landscape. The entire apartment is defined by a minimalist design of furniture in wooden, white and gray decor. Additional warmth is added by wooden windows and rustic parquet. Subtly added elements of fixtures and lamps in black add elegance and a modern look to the room. Bright ceramics in the hall and bathroom create a feeling of brightness and spaciousness despite the small area.

Project information

Year of completion:
56 m2


Main architect / Office:
UNIKREA, Maja Jakša
UNIKREA, Maja Jakša
Sanjas Visuals, Sanja Despotović s.p.
Other participants:

Jelena Čivčić

Check out the expert:
M Sora
Other contractors and suppliers:

ISEA Safet Jukić s.p. (Construction work)

ISEA Safet Jukić s.p. (Facades and insulation)

Krištof Potočnik Lights on studio (Lighting design)

Elektroinštalacije, Irfet Hafizović s.p. (Mechanical installations)

Elektroinštalacije, Irfet Hafizović s.p. (Electrical installations)

ISEA Safet Jukić s.p. (Construction engineering)

M Sora d.d., J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o., Matjaž Aleš s.p. (Windows, doors)

Dekor senčila d.o.o. (Shades)

ISEA Safet Jukić s.p., J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o., Norbit d.o.o. (Flooring)

IZI MOBILI d.o.o., Norbit d.o.o. (Furnishings)

Krištof Potočnik Lights on studio (Lighting)