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Renovation of a Stone House

This real estate was bought by the client because of the stone walls and large trees that grow there.
The house is located in Istria, on the edge of a village next to a valley. It is a traditional Istrian building that was once a school. Its renovation is a result of the client’s desire for Mediterranean living.
The ground floor and the first floor are two open volumes, in which individual architectural bodies are made of old brick, like fireplace, bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and rooms. The central part of the house serves as a link between two gardens, an aromatic one on the southern side and a water garden on the north.

Project information

Year of completion:
260 m2
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Main architect / Office:
Dimitrij Jeraj
Dimitrij Jeraj
Dimitrij Jeraj
Main contractor:
Kažun d.o.o.
Other contractors and suppliers:

Cerkovnik d.o.o. (Mechanical installations)

Piring Vojko Pirjevec s.p. (Construction engineering)

N stil, Denis Nagode s.p. (Windows, doors)

Mizarstvo Punles, Jože Pungerčar s.p. (Kitchen)

Gnezdo d.o.o. (Building materials)

Residential projects

Residential projects