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Extention to Primary school Milan Šuštaršič

The ground-floor extension of the Milan Šuštaršič elementary school was built on the north-eastern side of the existing school. It summarises the concept of the existing architecture by Peter Zupan in terms of layout and dimensions. The new facility is on the ground floor, with a single-pitch roof and a part of a flat green roof. It is connected to the existing facility via the existing main entrance. It consists of three classrooms for first grade children, a cabinet, a multi-purpose room and bathroom facilities. The accompanying indoor and outdoor atrium is intended for outdoor lessons and leisure activities.

Project information

Location of the project:
Štembalova 2a, Ljubljana
Year of completion:
300 m2
Municipality of Ljubljana
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Check out the expert:
Curk arhitektura
Main contractor:
Lesnina MG oprema d.d.
Other contractors and suppliers:

KLIMATERM PROJEKT d.o.o. (Mechanical installations)

KLIMATERM PROJEKT d.o.o. (Electrical installations)

P Projekt, Pavel Pučnik s.p. (Construction engineering)

KLIMATERM PROJEKT d.o.o. (Installation contractor)

Curk arhitektura – references

Jožica Curk – references

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