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Apartment renovation on Karlovška Street

The apartment on the ground floor and the upper floor of the 1896 multi-family house was facing the challenge of complete renovation. It is used by a family with three children who need both space for socializing and privacy. On the first floor there is a large open lounge with a children’s room, and on the ground floor there is a bedroom with a bathroom and a wardrobe. The design of the interior was a unique experience, since the owner of the apartment is the daughter of the late architect Darja Mrevlje Polak. The atmosphere of the apartment with her beautiful furniture and some new elements creates a dialogue of harmony.

Project information

Year of completion:


Main architect / Office:
Omnia arhing
Omnia arhing, Sonja Miculinić
Miran Kambič

Omnia arhing – references

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Residential projects