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OHS Festival 2024 – Architecture of New Opportunities

The architectural festival Open House Slovenia (OHS) will open doors to new and renovated architectural projects, as well as important cultural heritage buildings throughout Slovenia from April 12th to 14th, marking its fifteenth year.

The purpose of the festival, throughout its years, remains true to its basic mission – to raise awareness among the general public about the values ​​of well-designed spaces and to present examples of the best practices in contemporary architectural production as part of Slovenian culture and national identity. Through personal experiences in quality architecture, it enables a broader understanding of architecture and designed spaces, highlighting their importance for quality living.

This year’s festival program was selected from the submitted projects by a professional jury composed of four experts in the field of architecture and design: Blaž Budja, Maša Cvetko, Dean Lah, and Maja Stamenković.

“Architecture must not be closed in its own world, it must be open to the general public and encourage discussion about space. This is what I see as the central mission of the Open House Slovenia festival, which every year offers the interested public the opportunity to enter and directly experience a wide variety of quality architectural practices. Architecture is not just walls, architecture is the space in between, it is the life that takes place in these spaces.”

Architect Dean Lah about the significance and role of the architectural festival OHS

Community Centre Golovec, architecture: Atelje Hočevar, photography: Miran Kambič

During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to explore more than 70 projects across the entire country. They will be able to visit private apartments, single-family houses, renovations, educational and cultural institutions, as well as business and tourist facilities.

In Ljubljana, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the Residential neighborhood Dolgi most II, Social Housing Rakova jelša II, Community centre Golovec, and the Biotechnology Hub of the National Institute of Biology. The doors will also be open at the Nuclear Reactor Institute Jožef Stefan – TRIGA. As part of the festival, visitors will also have the opportunity to see the projects Bohinj Kindergarten and the Covering of the Remains of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Žiče Charterhouse and Temporary Lapidary, which were shortlisted for the EU Mies Award 2024. It will also possible to visit the Piranesi award-winning Revitalization of Old Glassworks and surrounding urban areas in Ptuj, two new swimming pool complexes, and many other projects across the country.

The OHS Festival also joins the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of the prominent Slovenian architect Ivan Vurnik. Therefore, some guided tours in the festival program will be dedicated to presenting his works (The Sokol Hall at Tabor, Cooperative Commercial Bank).

The Sokol Hall at Tabor, architecture: Ivan Vurnik, photography: Miran Kambič

The OHS festival this year is titled “Architecture of New Opportunities,” highlighting the issue of inclusivity of all people and interest groups in the built and designed spaces. It addresses questions of equal opportunities and new possibilities for living, working, education, living, and development of the entire society, all living beings, and nature with the aim of seeking answers about coexistence that good architecture can enable, promote, and protect.

These issues represent the most crucial challenges that cannot be resolved solely through architectural ideas without supportive socio-economic and social policies. Yet, architecture is the medium that, through its physical existence, can offer opportunities or even empower people. By highlighting the theme of inclusion and accessibility, festival spaces become bearers of an experience that inspires participants to become advocates for a more just and inclusive society.

In the festival program, various thematic projects will be highlighted, promoting accessibility and enabling community development. The festival will also feature thematic tours and workshops targeting different audience groups.

Residential Neighbourhood Dolgi most II, architecture: Arhitekti Počivašek Petranovič in Bevk-Perović arhitekti, photography: Miran Kambič
OHS 2023, photography: Alberto Rodrigues Arias

By supporting the principles of equal opportunities, the Open House Slovenia festival becomes not only a celebration of architectural creativity and heritage preservation but also fosters thinking and dialogue about our collective commitment to justice, freedom, and solidarity.

Glavni trg 2, architecture: Arrea arhitektura, photography: Tadej Bolta

Open House Slovenia is part of Open House Europe collaboration project, which connects 13 European cities and Slovenia. The project aims to foster a more inclusive discussion about architecture as a common European identity and empower citizens to advocate for a well-designed built environment. It promotes accessibility and highlights best practices in architecture that respond to contemporary environmental and social challenges.

The entire program of the Open House Slovenia 2024 festival is published on the OHS platform. Registrations for tours and guided visits are mandatory.

Češča vas Swimming Pool, architecture: Enota, photography: Miran Kambič

Open House Slovenia is part of Open House Europe, co-funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Public Administration, and the Ministry of Culture.

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