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Valič arhitekti

We find our goal is to contemplate and reflect in a modest way on the living environment, which hopefully leads to a comfortable, useful, reliable and economical design. At the same time, we encourage focus on harmony, beauty, light and shadow, proportions, rhythm and atmosphere of the space, and stories told by the location, landscape, city and, of course, the people for whom the design is intended.

We deal with both new constructions and renovations, always with the final interior design in mind.

Movement in space, connection with the surroundings, the path of light during the day and year, beautiful views – all these are the supporting pillars of our approach. And of course the use of materials and technologies that are reliable, safe, easy to maintain.

We are actively involved in the Passive House consortium at the Faculty of Architecture.

As constantly educating ourselves, on a basis of a years of experience, we are happy to both dealing with the smallest of details and taking on new challenges.

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