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Deep House

In cooperation with the Cankarjev dom we invite you to join us for a sound walk through the Deep House.

The Deep House sound story is experienced on a guided walk along a pre-defined route that connects the interior of the Cankarjev dom building with its setting in the immediate surroundings. The story of the deep, submerged building opens up views of the architecture of Edvard Ravnikar and his collaborators on the construction.

The authors Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman have included in the audio story numerous quotations and thoughts of architects, as well as politicians and cultural figures connected with the construction of the Cankarjev Dom. It interweaves poetry and drama by selected artists. A subtle and semantically multilayered sound walk, which outlines the construction period and the architecture of the building in the context of the present, can be enriched for an interested audience by exploring the recorded sources and thus accessing a more in-depth knowledge.

We will also be joined by the authors of the soundwalk, Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman. After the event, they will be available for conversation with the participants.

The project was created on the occasion of Ravnikar’s Year 2023. More about the project.

Thematic project of the festival: festival’s theme

Open House Slovenia 2024 – Date and time of the guided tours


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Project information

Location of the project:
Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana


Main architect / Office:
Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Kristina Bursać