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Fužine Castle – Museum of Architecture and Design

The Fužine Castle was built in mid-16th century by the Kisl family as a show of wealth and political influence. From late 16th century onwards, it underwent several changes of ownership, which reflected in its structure. An important addition was a hydroelectric power plant, which was built in 1897 to serve the Vevče paper mill. It is still operational and is an important example of technical heritage. The Fužine castle was declared a cultural monument in 1984 and serves as a museum since 1990. It is managed by the Museum of Architecture and Design.

Guided tour on Saturday by Katarina Metelko.

Project information

Year of completion:
1528 - 1557
Accesible for people with mobility impairments.


Other contractors and suppliers:

Wienerberger (Roofing, tinkering)

Cultural projects

Cultural projects