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“Form follows experience!”

Superform is an architectural practice from Slovenia, founded in 2001 by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek. The team also includes Špela Gliha and Vesna Sindičič.

It is successfully active in the field of architecture, interior, design and urban planning.

Superform introduces a new approach: architecture is an experience, which we sense on the three levels of perception: mental level, sensual level and physical level.

The result of the new approach is not only architecture as a manifestation only on the functional and formal/formal level, but a multi-layered experience of space that fits both the spirit and the body.

Every Supeform project has a specific code. The project code is the sum of the levels of perception and the specific project name that indicates the story/saga of each project. With the project code, Superform communicates with the client and the public.

The goal of creation is not only a product, but a continuous process in which the user themself participates equally.

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