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About Heritage and Renovation of the Building Fund: The Case of the Robida Collective and the Kajža Platform – Podcast Odprto #32

In the last episode of the podcast Odprto in 2023, we talked with architects Vida Rucli and Ajda Bračič about heritage and the renovation of the existing building stock through the prism of the activities of the Robida collective and the Kajža platform, which Vida and Ajda lead or co-shape.

Renovations of Edvard Ravnikar – Discussion, photo: Kajža

Interest in cultural heritage undergoes gradual, sometimes abrupt, rises and falls through different social systems, temporal and spatial contexts. Each generation of heirs establishes new criteria for defining and attributing significance to cultural heritage. It seems that in the current surge of interest in cultural heritage, new questions and perspectives on its understanding are emerging. This is evident, at least in the field of architecture, through new platforms, associations, organisations, collectives, and initiatives that, directly or indirectly, engage with architectural heritage.

Photo: Robida
Workshop: Material.Context.Society., photo: Kajža

As a product of the new questions posed by the younger generation regarding the understanding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as the search for new sustainable forms of living and enthusiasm for architectural renovation, the emergence of the Kajža platform and the Robida collective could be linked. The former acts as a hub for various actors who are in one way or another confronted with the challenges of building heritage. It actively promotes and explores innovative renovation practices, incorporating them into the discourse on sustainable living. The activities of the latter are directly connected to the village of Topolovo, where collective members explore multifaceted possibilities of living and cultural activities in relation to the village and its surroundings, while also taking responsibility for the care and restoration of diverse village heritage.

Foto: Robida

We discussed the attitude towards cultural heritage, why it is once again so relevant, and innovative practices in renovating the building stock, which is gaining importance in the face of ongoing global crises.

Foto: Antonio Frederico Lasalvia, Robida

The podcast was produced by Blaž Šenica and Tadej Urh in collaboration with OHS.

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