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Maja Stamenković, architect and designer

Maja Stamenković works interdisciplinarily and collaborates with individuals in her field and in the field of culture, with various artistic institutions and organisations. In 2017 she founded MA_ST_AR studio for architecture and design. Her specialty is the design of unique spaces, artistic pieces of furniture and installations adapted to the space and the individual for whom the space is intended. Her work combines art, design and architecture. She creates aesthetically sophisticated timeless spaces, which at the same time reflect the era in which we live. Over the last seven years, she has been recognised by the architectural profession as a successful young architect and has received a number of awards and prizes. Her work has been published in professional publications and mass media. In 2022, she received the Slovenian Design Award – Public Interior of the Year for her project LE <3, Ravnikar art residence and gallery.

About OHS: “Quality architecture and design are expressed through spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Well-designed spaces improve the quality of life for individuals and communities, and create a pleasant and inspiring environment in which to live. The OHS Festival is a catalyst in the field of architecture and design, putting what is best on a pedestal. By opening up spaces that are usually inaccessible or closed to the public, it democratises access to architecture and thus encourages the general public to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of space at different scales. At the same time, it encourages curiosity, creativity and innovative approaches in the creation of new and existing spaces, contributing to a better future together.”