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Virtual presentation of the new Science Centre

A new Science Centre is planned to be built in Ljubljana by 2023 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The vision of the demonstration facility of state-of-the-art technological solutions and innovations is to stimulate curiosity, new ideas and innovation. It will be a crossroads of cooperation between science, education, economy and culture. The Science Centre will offer the opportunity to set up do-it-yourself and science promotion programs related to education, culture and the economy, encouraging young people to research, think and find answers, thus popularizing science, research and creativity. At the same time, the new building will enable all top solutions of Slovenian scientists and researchers to be presented in one place.

The Science Centre will help to accelerate the transfer of knowledge, technologies and innovations into practice, create new standards, raise awareness and expand the use of new technologies, as well as to obtain the first market references to the holders of new innovations.

Visualization of the new Science Centre: Dekleva Gregoric Architects

In 2018, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, in cooperation with Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, announced an international architectural competition, which ended in February 2019, with the selected first-prize winning solution by Dekleva Gregorič Architects.

Interior of the new Science Centre: Dekleva gregoric Architects

Involving and informing the public about the values of a quality built space is the basic mission of the aFront institute (organizes the Architectural Festival Open House Slovenia), which is a member of the program group for the construction of the Science Centre. Together with the investor (MIZŠ) and the producer of project documentation (Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti), we (aFront powered by GolemDigital) created a virtual presentation of the architectural design and key spaces of the Science Centre, in order to bring quality architecture to the general public.

The free application “We are building a new Science Centre” is also being prepared. With 360 ° views and an AR function, it will enable you to get to know the key spaces and architectural features of the new building on site. It will encourage the user to actively explore the built space in an interesting and modern way. The application represents one of the most innovative approaches to combining modern technology and presentation for educational purposes in Slovenia.


New Science Centre from the North: Dekleva Gregoric Architects

The following activities are currently underway:

  • preparation of project documentation, where the phases of IZP and IDP are completed, the phase of DGD begins
  • preparation of an amended draft of the municipal detailed spatial plan, which is ready for discussion at the City Council of the City of Ljubljana
  • preparation of investment documentation, where the preparation of the Pre-investment concept is completed.
Vizualization of the new Science Centre: Dekleva Gregoric Architects

Project information:

Investor: Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Architects: Dekleva Gregorič architects Estimated year of construction: 2023

Size: 14.359 m2

Creative design, production of the application and virtual presentation: a_FRONT powered by Golem Digital

More information: