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OHEu Volunteer Exchange Programme 2024 – Call for Applications

This year’s call for applications for the Volunteer Exchange Program within the framework of the Open House Europe project is now open!

Become volunteers in the Volunteer Exchange program of the Open House Europe (OHEu) project and experience various architectural festivals across Europe!

More than 12 partner festivals open their doors to volunteers from other festivals, inviting them to experience their event up close and transcend cultural boundaries. The international program is dedicated to learning and collaboration, creating opportunities to share knowledge and gain new experiences. By participating in the Volunteer Exchange program OHEu, you will have a unique opportunity not only to expand your knowledge and volunteering experience but also to establish connections with other architectural enthusiasts across Europe. Most importantly, you will be able to explore the culture and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the local Open House community!

Photograph: Mateja Jordović Potočnik

In 2024, as part of the Volunteer exchange program, you can visit the following cities and Open House festivals:

  • Lisbon (11th-12th May)
  • Milan (25th-26th May)
  • Bilbao (4th-6th October)
  • Barcelona (26th-27th October)
  • Thessaloniki (November)

Your tasks will include:

  • Assisting during guided tours
  • Contributing to the promotion of the public event through social media posts, taking photographs during the festival, etc.
  • If you feel brave enough, you can test your public speaking skills and lead tours independently. Before the event, you will need to familiarise yourself with the building, its architecture, and be prepared to present it during the tour (in English; if you speak other languages, please inform us)
  • Being an excellent ambassador of the Open House festival!

Each Open House festival is slightly different from your local festival. In some cities, volunteers will act as guides, while in others they may be photographers or part of the festival’s organizational team. Our advice: be helpful, respectful, and try to make the most of the international volunteering experience!

You can participate in the volunteer exchange program if:

  • You are over 18 years old
  • You speak English fluently
  • You have more than one year of volunteering experience at local Open House events
  • You are available on specific dates of the selected Open House event

All selected participants in the exchange program will be required to sign a contract to participate in the program. After volunteering, each participant will also need to fill out a survey about their experience to help us improve future Open House festivals.

All travel and accommodation expenses are organized and covered by local partners of the Open House Europe project.

You can apply until 19th February 2024 at the link HERE.

Photograph: Megi Pilko