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Exhibition Experiencing Architecture

As in previous years, we organized a large architectural exhibition called »Experiencing Architecture« in a public park – park Tivoli in Ljubljana. The official opening with a guided tour took place on April 20, 2022.

The experience in space is as inevitable as the words we use to address our neighbours. The easiest way to learn from experience is to understand and extract meaning, form a memory or even create a new idea. Experience means better understanding. Personal experience in architecture can have a significant impact on our future decisions about how we live, what we build or renovate, where and at what cost.

The exhibition opened walls and presented the relationships between houses, residents and architects. 45 architectural projects by more than 65 architects and architectural offices were presented, accompanied by statements from residents, architects and managers, as well as original photographs by renowned photographers.

We designed the exhibition as a conversation between people and architecture. It allowed us to look behind the façades of buildings as critically minded architectural enthusiasts, clients, art researchers, or as curious visitors and decision makers.

The exhibition will be on display again in September 2022 on Gallusovo nabrežje in the centre of Ljubljana.