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Gaber Jovanovič arhitekti is a Ljubljana-based studio for interior and architecture with the vision of creating quality living and business environments for its clients. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the specific needs of investors and together we manage all stages of the process: from construction and architectural interventions to interior design and finishing with selected serial or custom-designed interior fittings.

Our style is clean and modern and always adapted to the context in which it intervenes. We are aware of the sustainability of our solutions, so we intervene responsibly. We understand architecture as a functional tool for improving the quality of life and at the same time as the poetics of space that takes us there. We attach great importance to sustainable values, inspired by the Scandinavian approach to wood and the Japanese story of the transience of materials, the Italian love of form and the German strictness of detail. Although today we all seem to draw from global resources, we see our mission and the only real value in reviving and creating local qualities and culture.

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